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CMS for Social Media

Automated CMS-like core enables SocialJoey to create, curate, and publish custom content to client accounts across all major social networks.

Team Management

Operations-focused functionality that helps SJ manage teams of writers, editors, and designers, including automatic assignment of team members to clients, as well as workload and work output monitoring, reporting, and payroll calculations.

Business Management

Dashboards and automated reporting that provides owners insight into signups, upgrades, downgrades, churn, payroll, revenue, and more.

Client insights

Dashboards and automated reporting that provides clients insight into how their content performs, and how people engage with their social media accounts and content.

End-to-end business operations, with client & employee management.



Python | PostgreSQL | JS | HTML | CSS | Facebook APIs | Twitter APIs | Google APIs | Linkedin APIs | Stripe

Services / Roles

Product Management | Engineering Management | Team Management | Planning | Information Architecture | Wireframes | Interactive Direction | UX | Software Development


2014-Present | Platform, Operations, Automation

Mostyn Law Client Intake

Dynamic Client Intake

Build custom intake forms for large legal cases that support case-specific information-gathering.

Onboarding Flow

Tools to monitor onboarding process of clients on a case-by-case and per-client basis from first contact to engagement.

Package & Document Management

Integrated tracking of important documents and packages that are core to discovery and communication between attorneys and clients.

Notification & Progress Tracking

Keeps all stakeholders and interested parties notified and up-to-date and the status of potential and engaged clients.

Dynamic client intake & management.



Python | PostgreSQL | JS | HTML | CSS | FedEx APIs | Amazon SNS | Amazon SES

Services / Roles

Product, Engineering Mgmt | Information Architecture | Interactive Direction | UX | Software Development


2014 | Business Operations

Snapfish PhotoSuite

Photo Importing

Custom photo importing that could pull in photos from users’ local computers or Facebook Photos.

Photo Editing

Canvas-based editor that allowed users to modify photos with custom SVG-based text and artistic elements. Text & art elements could be resized, re-positioned, and rotated within the HTML canvas.

Photo Publishing

Edited photos could be easily shared to Snapfish and Facebook photo albums when the user was done editing.

Themed Creation Tools

All tools, text, and art elements were themed initially for Valentines Day, with additional holiday/seasonal themes added for greater creative appeal.

Interactive, browser-based photo manipulation.



Ruby | Redis | JS | HTML | CSS | Facebook APIs | Snapfish APIs

Services / Roles

Project Management | Software Development


2012 | Consumer Creativity, Marketing


Complete Vendor Replacement

EPB engaged us to build a simpler, faster, extensible application that could replace third-party vendor software, while being fully focused on EPB’s employee and operational process needs.

Internal Network Application

SmartCSR was deployed as a non-public-facing internal tool. It directly integrated with third-party vendor systems EPB relied on, while being available as a full replacement for those non-friendly tools to all VPN-connected machines.

SimpleTicket Integration

After the huge success of our SimpleTicket product took over as the tool used to manage internal operations and service requests, SmartCSR made it even easier for EPB to rely on it by having one-click creation of tickets for install, upgrade, and service requests while in the middle of providing customer service.

Private Ruby Gems

Built private, centralized Ruby gems that wrapped interactions and integrations with critical third-party vendor products in a way that could be easily included in other projects the company undertook on their own.

Customer service app to replace proprietary vendor software



Ruby | PostgreSQL | JS | HTML | CSS | Proprietary vendor integration

Services / Roles

Product Management | Information Architecture | Team Management | Vendor systems integration | Software Development


2012-2013 | Business Operations


SDK/API Design

Redesigned and reorganized the core SDKs to increase developer happiness and productivity by ensuring identical APIs for all SDK functionality across iOS and Android platforms.

SDK Documentation

Wrote technical documentation for both iOS and Android SDKs, complete with guides and recipes that enabled developers to get started quickly and find the resources they needed to build their own games.

Example Apps

Developed and guided the development of sample applications to provide developers with owrking examples of the Applicasa SDK & platform in action.

Developer Evangelism

Attended GDC 2012 along with Applicasa co-founder to engage with devs and spread the word about Applicasa’s SDK & IAP platform.

IAP SDK for iOS & Android game developers



iOS | Objective-C | Android | Java

Services / Roles

SDK Architecture | API Design | iOS/Objective-C Documentation | Android/Java Documentation | Developer Evangelism


2012 | SDK Design, Developer Evangelism, Technical Documentation


Real-time Help Requests

Allowed field service technicians to signal a need for help at business and residential locations from main office tech support when dealing with issues related to EPB’s gigabit fiber network.

Quick Project turned Infrastructure

After its first month, SimpleTicket proved its real-time handling of support issues provided a huge increase in productivity and efficiency in EPB’s support team. It was rapidly expanded with upgrades to other parts of the company and became the foundation of nearly all internal and inter-departmental support actions.

Cut Service Time by 50%

SimpleTicket took in around 2,500 support requests in its first month. We took averate tech support resolution times from around 24 minutes to just 12 minutes.

Ticket Management

Dashboards to provide quick, up-to-date reports on total support requests, how many were handled, elapsed time from ticket submission to resolution, as well as grouping requests to rapidly identify repeat issues for better resolution

Real-time field service ticketing & support system



Ruby | HTML | CSS | JS | PostgreSQL | Redis

Services / Roles

Product Management | Engineering Management | Team Management | Information Architecture | Interactive UX Direction | Vendor Systems Integration | Software Development


2011-2012 | Internal Business Operations

Upgrade Now

EnrollNow Successor

Having proven the success of automating signup with EnrollNow, we build UpgradeNow to take self-service to the next level for EPBFi customers.

Payment Management

Extended self-serve capabilities by enabling Fiber customers to manage their own billing, make payments, and setup automatic payments via vendor integrations for previously internal-only capabilities.

Plan Management

Reduced customer support load by empowering customers to manage their own plan levels—upgrades, downgrades, and à la carte add-on management.

Service Scheduling

Freed customers from having to wait on hold for customer/tech support by making it easy to schedule field service at their locations, again making a customer-focused product out of a previously internal-only vendor software.

Self-serve account & service management



Python | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | JS

Services / Roles

Product Management | Engineering Management | Team Management | Information Architecture | Interactive UX Direction | Vendor Systems Integration | Software Development


2011 | Consumer & Business


Patient Care Management

App operated on a room-based patient workflow: patients are placed in rooms, assigned to a staff member with procedures to perform to move the patient along in the care workflow to free the room for the next patient.

Staff Workflow Management

App enabled physicians and staff to easily see which exam rooms needed attention, who was responsible, and what next step of care needed to be completed. Step completion resulted in additional staff workflow movement & notification to increase patient care efficiency.

Multi-phase MVP

Development followed a 3-phase MVP-focused approach— proof-of-concept beta product, improved & expanded API and app capabilities, and final UX design & buildout of production app & web admin/dashboard products.

Web Dashboards & Administration

Web-based tools allowed office admins to setup care steps, categories, team members, and rooms. Dashboards provided easy ways to keep an eye on room occupancy, as well as care & workflow status.

Patient care & workflow management for physician offices



Objective-C | iOS | Python | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | JS

Services / Roles

API Design | Software Development | Interactive UX Direction | Information Architecture


2010-2011 | iOS Application Development

Enroll Now

Consumer Frontend for Vendor Software

Integrated multiple third-party vendor software products— CRM, smart grid management, job scheduling, and more—into a single web-based checkout-style consumer product for fiber optic service signup.

US's First Gigabit Network

Helped establish and expand the nation’s first-ever gigabit-to-the-home ISP in Chattanooga, TN. Enroll Now made it easy for customers in the Chattanooga area to find out when service was available at their homes, as well as signup and schedule installation.

Easy Install Scheduling

Made it simple for customers to request the day and time they wanted to have fiber service installed at their homes, as well as choosing various installation services and upgrades.

Vendor Replacement

The Enroll Now product was so solid and easy-to-use, EPB’s internal Customer Service department stopped using their vendor’s software and almost exclusively handled new order processing through our web application because it was faster & simpler to get the job done.

Online Fiber Optic internet, television, and phone signup



Python | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | JS

Services / Roles

Information Architecure | Vendor Systems Integration | Software Development


2009 | Consumer and Business


Account History Sync

Daily import + sync for > 3M customer account records— including entire transaction history of orders, payments, shipments, and more.

Variable Pricing

Custom online store that had to support variable customer-specific pricing on multiple levels based on item types, relationship, and purchase volume. Daily sync pulled custom pricing tables from a proprietary vendor CRM product and tied all pricing data back to online customer accounts in the store.

Online Order Export

All web-based orders had to be exported for ingestion into vendor applications for order processing and fulfillment.

Zero Downtime DB Sync

Daily sync of customer/account history, orders, pricing, and transactions had to be synced with web-based store without incurring any downtime.

B2B e-commerce & CRM integration



Python | PostgreSQL | MySQL | Bash-script automation | HTML | CSS | JS

Services / Roles

Information Architecture | Vendor Systems Integrations | Software Development


2009-2011 | B2B e-commerce


Corporate Rebranding

Coptix made its official brand change to Medium in April 2009. This was the company’s new site at (Note: this is not the now well-known company.)

Satirically Copied

The rebranding & site launch resulted in a rather amusing and good-natured satirical copying when someone bought the domain, and featured an exact clone of our branding, but with extra-large font sizes.

Portfolio Site served as a robust portfolio showing off the agency’s design and software development work.

Tech & Product Blogs

Medium’s software devs published a variety of blogs on interesting software, technology, experiments, products, and related subjects.

Digital agency marketing site with tech blogs



Python | PostgreSQL | HTML | JS | CSS

Services / Roles

Information Architecture | Software Development


2009 | Digital Agency Marketing


First solo project

Cemented my love for tackling interesting problems. First of many e-commerce products. First time I began contributing back in to open source projects.

Digital Library

Online article access was managed with a digital library that tracked owned editions and made them available for online reading, searching, and downloading.

Mixed Pricing

Had to support mixed pricing models for US, International, and institutional customers, as well as subscription-based discounts.

Academic-focused UX

Defined an engaging UX whose main goal was to make it feel like the user was engaging in academic research with a shopping experience added on.

Academic journal with online & print editions, purchasing, & access



Pyton | PostgreSQL | HTML | JS | CSS

Services / Roles

Information Architecture | Payment Integration | Software Development


2009 | Academic Journal, e-Commerce


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