Consulting Product Perfectionist

Pushing electrons around for nearly 30 years.


Product & Engineering Management

7 years. Grasp and communicate the big picture with stakeholders. Requirements gathering. Feature & technical specifications. Ensure projects meet and exceed expectations.

Team Management

7 years. Creating focused, collaborative environments for teams. Never micro-manage. Engage team members in planning and decision-making. Encourage teams to own their projects and deliverables.

Interactive Direction

7 years. Care deeply about creating engaging, user-friendly, interactive experiences. Prioritize crafting the simplest possible user interfaces that rely on smart backing software to manage complicated tasks.


11 years. Automation can range from simple, repetitive tasks to complicated, mission-critical operations. Software built with automation integrated across frontends, backends, and external services you depend on.


11 years. Break requirements into manageable component parts to ensure applications are built from the ground up with future flexibility and extensibility in mind.


11 years. Prevent human error, increase productivity, and improve reliability and profitability through constrained, but powerful, automated workflows that guide users to achieving business goals.


11 years. Dependable software that works as promised every time. From git checkout to production deployments, always deliver software that does what it’s supposed to and isn’t a hassle to build, run, or deploy.

Software Development

11 years. Specialize in complicated, custom applications that are built specifically for private business operations, needs, and goals. Equally skilled at building applications that power interactions among clients, employees, partners, and end-users.



10 years. Flask. Django. ORMs. APIs. Custom applications from scratch. Third-party integrations. Business automation. Command-line utilities. PEP-8 compliant code.


11 years. I prefer the decades-proven, schema-driven, and rock-solid dependability of relational databases using SQL. It’s a core feature of nearly everything I build. PostgreSQL is my database of choice.


18 years. Comfortable on the command line, setting up servers, deploying applications, general best-practices for security. Have used Redhat, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Suse, and more.

Shell scripts

10 years. Sometimes its necessary (or even fun) to write shell scripts that help automate and execute tasks on servers. When I find myself doing something more than 3 times, it’s time to turn it into a command I can fire and forget.

iOS, Objective-C

2 years. Love iOS development, and Objective-C as a language. Investigating Swift as an Obj-C replacement, and very impressed with what it has accomplished, and where it’s heading.


2 years. I’ve worked on some pretty intricate and complicated Ruby projects, both with Rails and Sinatra. It’s not my go-to language, but I do enjoy it when the project is right.


11 years. Appreciate the ease and helpfulness of CSS frameworks, but not afraid to dive in and customize. I like to keep things simple and maintainable.


11 years. Vanilla. jQuery. Custom interactive frontends, Ajax-driven applications from scratch. Third-party libraries. I can learn anything, but remain wary of betting the farm on the latest trendy things.



Effortless concurrency, robust real-time applications, compiled performance, unbeatable stability, the Erlang VM, and more.


Attracted to Go for a number of reasons, not least of which is the abiliity to build and distribute cross-platform applications.


The premiere web framework for Elixir. Like Rails & Django, but with functional flair and stability.


Predictable, compiled, functional programming for the frontend. I really like what’s happening with Elm.


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